Accounting Integration for Shopify: User Guide

How It Works

Shypyard allows you to sync your Shopify orders, payouts, inventory and more with an accounting software such as Xero or MYOB AccountRight. In this guide, we'll provide instructions on how to get started and connect your Shopify store to your accounting system, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of each of the four major workflows available.

Overview of Workflows

Invoice Sync: This workflow enables synchronization between your orders, payments, and fees between your Shopify store and your accounting system. You can control which types of orders are synced and apply further custom settings outlined in more detail on the Invoice Sync page.

Payouts Sync: This workflow will automatically create Deposits within your accounting system for the Payouts sent to your account by Shopify. See the Payouts Sync page for more info.

Product Sync: This workflow will automatically take any new products being updated in Shopify and update or create them in your accounting system. See the Product Sync page for more info.

Stock Level Sync: This workflow will automatically update stock levels from Shopify to your accounting system. See the Stock Level Sync page for more info.

Dashboard View

On your dashboard, you will find the 4 different workflows available, each based on the specific accounting task you want to handle. Once a workflow is turned on, it will run on a schedule where syncing automatically occurs every hour. You can also manually trigger a sync before its scheduled time by clicking 'Sync Now'.

App Settings

Set up your synchronization settings at the top of your dashboard:

  • You can enable auto-sync ("Turn Auto Sync On)" to automatically trigger syncs every hour.

  • You can select the start date for which you want the integration to work from under the "Configure" button.

  • You can also set your account's timezone under the "Configure" button.

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