The customer cannot be found or created

Error: The Customer with UID of '.....' cannot be found. (Details: Customer.UID)

Generally, this error occurs because the customer that was originally synced to the accounting system is deleted. This results into Shypyard not being able to reference the customer with the ID that was stored in the database.

Try out the following solution:

First, select the order with this error.

Click the drop-down option beside "Sync to Myob" and select "Re-Sync".

Error: Issue creating customer (Please check your OData query: ')' or ',' expected at position 39 in 'Addresses/any(x: x/Email a'shaun.o'

You are receiving this error message because there is an issue with the customer's email. For example, there may be an invalid letter in the email. In the error message above, the email a'shaun.o' is invalid because of the invalid character (').

Please review the customer's information and ensure it is a valid email address.

If this solution did not help resolve your error, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we will look into resolving the issue for you.

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