Sync Stock Levels from Xero to Shopify Stock Levels


"When stock levels are updated in Shopify, update stock levels in Xero"

Note: This workflow should only be enabled if you already have stock levels set up in Xero. Otherwise, you may risk wiping out your Shopify stock levels.

  • You will be asked where you want to take the stock quantity from Xero.

  • You can select from "Available Quantity", "Quantity on Hand", or "Quantity Committed" then click "Save".

    • Available Quantity:

      • All stock that is not assigned to a sales order or has been reserved

    • Quantity On Hand:

      • All available stock

    • Quantity Committed:

      • Stock that is currently assigned to a sales order but not yet fulfilled

  • Then, select the location where stock should be updated

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