Frequently Asked Questions

1. Onboarding and Setup

Does Shypyard turn on automatically once I connect our store and our accounting system❓

No, you will first have to configure the settings for the workflows you'd like to use and then turn on your desired workflows. Then you will have to turn on automatic sync for Shypyard to synchronize automatically.

Can we continue to use another integration solution after we install Shypyard❓

We do not recommend continuing to use another integraiton solution (such as OneSaas) after you install Shypyard as this will risk creating duplicate data in your MYOB or Shopify accounts. For example, if you have the invoice sync workflow turned on in both Shypyard and Onesaas, you will end up with duplicated invoices. For more information on detailed migration steps, please see Migrating to Shypyard from OneSaas.

Can I start the auto sync without confirming a plan❓

To run a sync, please pick a plan first. You will not be charged for the first 14 days after you pick a plan.

Why can't I pick some plans❓

By default, each plan has a maximum limit on the number of orders, etc. If your Shopify store exceeded that number of orders in the recent months, then you must choose a plan that supports your order volume.

If however, after you choose your plan, your store goes beyond your current plan's order maximum, you will be charged at the plan overage rate, as described on the pricing page. For the most up to date pricing information, please visit our website at

Is the configuration process in Shopify, or Shypyard❓

All of the configuration process is in the Shypyard dashboard, You will not need to adjust anything in Shopify if you're already satisfied with the way your store is set up.

2. Common Synchronization Questions

Why are my orders not syncing?

  1. Check that you have enough stock for that order, or that you are allowing sync when there is not enough stock

    1. For example, if you have chosen to create your transactions as Sales Invoices in MYOB AR, then if your product does not have sufficient inventory in Shopify, it will result in an error an will not result in an order in MYOB

  2. Check that if the item exists in your accounting system, or that you've enabled the option to "Create New Items in .." in the Order Sync flow

    1. If you enabled "Create New Items in ..", check that you've assigned enough stock to those newly created items afterwards

How do you send fees from Shopify to your accounting system through an order sync❓

Under the Invoice Sync workflow settings, you can turn on the option to send fees from Shopify to your accounting system (i.e. the last option in the settings panel).

I cannot see previously synchronized stock and SKUs.

We currently are working on supporting this feature. If you need this feature and want to be notified when it is available, please email with the subject line "Request: View Stock Sync History".

If a customer cancels an order from Shopify will the SKU be restocked within the accounting system?

Currently, we do not sync order cancellations, but we are working to add this feature. If you need this feature and want to be notified when it is available, please email with the subject line "Request: Order Cancellation Sync".

3. Account Questions

Do collaborators have to pay a separate subscription?

No they don’t, you get unlimited collaborators for free.

I accidentally created multiple accounts, and now I cannot connect my Shopify store.

Please email and we can solve this for you.

How secure is your product and what steps should we take to ensure security of private information❓

Shypyard strives to provide a reliable and secure platform by using 256-bit enterprise-grade security. In addition, all of your credentials are stored in a way that no one at Shypyard can access them.

4. MYOB Specific Questions

Do you support syncing inventory between multiple locations?

We are currently working on adding this feature and should be available shortly. This feature is not supported by Xero. If you need this feature and want to be notified when it is available, please email with the subject line "Request: multi-location inventory sync".

How come my Freight charges are not synchronizing?

This is may be due to an issue with the MYOB setup

  1. Log into MYOB through your AccountRight software

  2. Go to Setup - Linked Accounts - Sales Accounts

  3. Tick "I charge freight on sales", and select an account in this area

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