Sync Shopify Payouts to Xero as Bank Transactions


"When a payout is paid by Shopify, create a Bank Transaction in Xero"

  • Turning on this workflow will automatically record Shopify payouts with a corresponding Bank Transaction in Xero.

Note: As the Invoice Sync and Payouts Sync workflows both add a similar payment record to Xero, your reported revenue may be doubled if not set up correctly. We therefore recommend you to use only one of these workflows at a time.

Core Features

💰 Retrieve Payouts From Shopify

  • The drop-down field will prompt you to select the Xero account in which you want to retrieve payouts. We will record your Shopify payouts as individual bank transactions here.

  • Select your desired Xero account. If you're not able to see the account, check your MYOB account and refresh the list by clicking on the blue "Refresh" button at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

🏦 Create a Bank Transaction

  • You must first enter a Xero Default Purchase Tax Code for new suppliers, depending on the type of good you are buying. You also have the option of assigning an Xero Tax Code for any additional fees.

  • Under the "Use the following income accounts" section, you can divert payments made with various payment methods to their respective clearing accounts. Use the drop-down menus beside each payment method to select your desired Xero account.

    • In the event that you do not assign an income account to any given payment method, we will send the payments collected with that payment method to the set default account.

  • Finally, you can select an Xero expense account to pay any other fees.

  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to start the workflow.

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